What I wished people told me about Australian lifestyle

29 April, 2016
We're doing our regular weekly update of links and info on the SETTLEto website and always have a chortle... Read more

6 questions you might not think to ask

25 April, 2016

1. Can I drink the tap water?

Yes. There are a few rare exceptions in times of drought and/or in rural areas, but you will be told or warned in these cases.

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Getting a job in Australia - Useful terms to know

Sharon Swift
11 April, 2016
Probation period – this is an opportunity at the start of your employment for both you or your employer to terminate the contract for any reason. Depending on the circumstances, this... Read more

1 more thing Aussies love

Sharon Swift
18 March, 2016

Doh! How could I forget the one thing that Aussies love the most?

Such an obvious one, I can't believe I missed it!

Shortening words, re-naming you and slang - Is... Read more

5 things Australians love

Sharon Swift
3 March, 2016

Aussies are a fun and different bunch. When I moved to Australia from the UK, I expected that, bar a bit of bluntness... Read more

RANT - Time differences

3 February, 2016
I admit, I've lived in a fair few places, and I'm more aware of geography and time than the... Read more

6 tips for a successful relocation

28 January, 2016

I often get asked the question, ‘what makes a relocation successful’? or ‘how can you help people to settle in quickly?’


I believe that part... Read more

Guest Blog - BUSTED - myths about Australia

18 January, 2016
Fellow Brit expat, Emma Marshall, shares the commonly held misconceptions that most of us have before hitting Aussie soil:

As my plane started its descent into Sydney in early 1999,... Read more

The answer to the dreaded question

14 January, 2016
It's a worry that when I asked my parents the question 'please can you give me a rundown of where we lived when I was a child, that they are left scratching their heads. It was almost a struggle,... Read more

Don't ask me this 1 question!

4 January, 2016
Where did you grow up? I feel sorry for anyone who asks me this. It's often met with a sharp intake of breath - and I still don't know how to answer this very simple question in one sentence.... Read more

6 ways Christmas is different Down Under

Sharon Swift
20 December, 2015

No doubt about it – Christmas creeps up on us just that much faster each year, don’t you think?

Every year, us POMs always muse (occasionally with a ‘soupcon’... Read more

Aussie to English translations 3 of 3

25 November, 2015
Prezzy – present, gift
Pumpkin – squash of any kind
Rapt/stoked – happy, delighted
Rego – vehicle registration
Rental bond – security deposit... Read more

6 tips for moving with children

14 November, 2015

1.       Keep them informed. I’m a firm believer in telling it like... Read more

Expat childhood memories

2 November, 2015

Moving around as a child can be stressful and daunting. The flipside is the raft of life-changing experiences that helps to build a dynamic memory bank that is personal to you, shaping your... Read more

Aussie to English translations 2 of 3

26 October, 2015
Entrée – starter course
Exy – expensive
Flat white coffee – similar to a latte with less milk in ratio to coffee, with less foam
G’day – helloRead more

Aussie to English translations 1 of 3

14 October, 2015
AFL/footy – Australian Football League (aka Aussie rules)
Aniseed – fennel is sometimes known as aniseed
Anzac biscuit – oat and coconut biscuit, similar to a Hob... Read more

GUEST BLOG - Spring has sprung - with bugs

1 October, 2015

Emma Marshall joins us once again. This time, with news of creepy crawlies...

Spring has sprung and so have some of the more interesting bugs with whom we share this beautiful city... Read more