Aussie to English translations 1 of 3

14 October, 2015
AFL/footy – Australian Football League (aka Aussie rules)
Aniseed – fennel is sometimes known as aniseed
Anzac biscuit – oat and coconut biscuit, similar to a Hob Nob
Barbie – barbecue
Bathers/swimmers/cossie – swimming costume
Bench/benchtop – kitchen counter top
Bloody oath – too right, that’s certainly true
Bogan – someone who takes little pride in their looks, similar to chav perhaps
Bonzer/ripper – great, awesome
Bottle-o – bottle shop (somewhere liquor is sold), off licence
Bowser – petrol pump
Canola oil – rapeseed oil
Capsicum – pepper
Chippie – carpenter
Cobber – friend
Coldie – beer
Crook – sick, ill
Daks – trousers
Dinkum/fair dinkum – true, genuine (fair dinkum usually expressed as a question)
Doco – document or documentary
Doona – duvet
Dunny – outside toilet
Eggplant – aubergine

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