Aussie to English translations 2 of 3

26 October, 2015
Entrée – starter course
Exy – expensive
Flat white coffee – similar to a latte with less milk in ratio to coffee, with less foam
G’day – hello
Galah – silly person
Grog – alcohol
Gumboots – wellies
Icy pole – frozen popsicle
Heaps – a lot
Joggers/runners – running shoes
Lamington – cube-shaped sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and covered in coconut
Larrikin – joker, prankster
Linseed – flaxseed
Lollies – sweets, candy
Long black coffee – Americano
Lounge – sofa/couch
Manchester – bed linen
Milk bar – general store which sells hot food, some deli items, and drinks
Mozzie – mosquito
Oldies – parents
Pokies – slot/fruit machines
Pot (or middy) - slightly less than half a pint of beer. Varies by state

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