Aussie to English translations 3 of 3

25 November, 2015
Prezzy – present, gift
Pumpkin – squash of any kind
Rapt/stoked – happy, delighted
Rego – vehicle registration
Rental bond – security deposit for a rental property
Root – to have sex
Schooner – roughly half a pint of beer. Varies by state
Servo – petrol station
Shallots – spring/green onions (confusing as shallots are also called shallots, eschallots, or ‘French shallots’)
Short black coffee – espresso
Slab – case of beer
Snag – sausage
Sook – wimp, soppy
Sparky – electrician
Strata fees – fees for maintenance to common/shared property
Superannuation – pension, often shortened to ‘super’
Sunnies – sunglasses
Thongs – flip flops
Tradie – tradesperson
Turps (‘hit the turps’) – go out on a big bender to get drunk
Unit (in relation to property) – flat, apartment
Woop-woop – in the middle of nowhere
Yakka – work
Zucchini – courgette

Have we missed any??

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