RANT - Time differences

3 February, 2016
I admit, I've lived in a fair few places, and I'm more aware of geography and time than the average human. Not only am I more travelled than most, I am organised to the point of obsession and I also happen to be not-too-bad at arithmetic.  

I confess that it's  hard for me to understand how anyone can not 'get' time differences. Although I acknowledge that I'm the exception rather than the norm with my nomadic tendencies and moving to Australia.

If I had a dollar for every time I'm asked about the time difference and how it works, I'd be fairly well-off. If I had another dollar for the number of times I've been woken up in the middle of the night by phonecalls - me panickedly grunting, the caller profusely apologetic, wanting to hang up - but at the same time wanting to make the most of the fact that they'd reached me - well, I'd be even richer. A simple internet search and a bit of thought and iniative would have solved this problem.

The fact is: a middle-of-the-night call is what every expat dreads - news of an emergency, something that can't wait until morning. Shudder.

Rant over. Here are some useful resources and tips on getting heads around the time difference:
  • Sites like worldtimebuddy.com are invaluable - you can see 'what time it is there when it's 9am here?'
  • Google 'time now in Sydney, Melbourne, London' - and Google responds with the time
  • Australia, with the exception of Queensland, observes daylight savings in the summer months (from October to April)
  • Always remember that Australia is at least 7 hours AHEAD of the UK, and up to 11 hours ahead in our summer months

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