5 things Australians love

Sharon Swift
3 March, 2016

Aussies are a fun and different bunch. When I moved to Australia from the UK, I expected that, bar a bit of bluntness and a different accent, Aussies were pretty much the same as us POMs (what the Aussies call the Brit expats in Australia).

There are many similarities – language, heritage, patriotism. Then, there are the differences – the language and slang, blunt to the point of being rude, love of cold vs warm beer, ability not to completely burn the snags on the barbie – and on it goes.

Joking aside, Aussies are a fun lot, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else, mostly because of the awesomeness that is the Aussie people and culture.

Here are 5 things I’ve observed that the Aussies love, nay, are passionate about:

Summer – not in the British sense; where the merest sight of sunshine making us strip naked and get burnt to a crisp. In April, when global warming has made itself known to us once again.

No – Australians LOVE summer. Partly because it’s the big holiday at the end of the year, Christmas happens, school’s out, and many are absent from work for the holidays. Also because Aussies just love the sunshine and beach. Not that winter is horrible here – we have sunshine. But - we don’t have central heating, and we hibernate with Ugg boots, jumpers and sit around a gas heater with poorly insulated windows and doors. For 3 months of winter, everything is noticeably quieter. 

Avocadoes – spread on toast, in sandwiches, on every salad. Avos are tasty and much loved. It’s an odd thing to observe, but it’s true.

Beating the English in any sport – beating anyone in any sport to be fair – but, in particular the POMs. Especially in cricket and rugby. Something to do with an old rivalry, the Ashes etc?

Sport – AFL (Australian rules football), soccer (football to the Brits), cricket, rugby, swimming, touch footie, tennis. Aussies LOVE their sport. It’s best to learn the lingo, teams and check the scores throughout the week. One can feel out of place if unsure of what’s going on.

BBQ – a barbie. Whether in the back yard, the local park, on the beach, on a campsite. Aussies love a barbie. But they don’t throw shrimp on the barbie – that’s a myth based on an ad intended for the American market. We call them prawns here, and we will barbie anything – from snags (sausages) to roasts, cakes (yes cakes), bacon and eggs,  steaks. You name it, we will flame grill it – all in the name of being outside, closer to nature and socialising.



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