1 more thing Aussies love

Sharon Swift
18 March, 2016

Doh! How could I forget the one thing that Aussies love the most?

Such an obvious one, I can't believe I missed it!

Shortening words, re-naming you and slang - Is that 3 things? Anyway! You get my drift...

Aussie - Australian
Footie - Australian rules football, not soccer
Presso - presentation
Pommie - an English person
Lotto - lottery
Arvo - afternoon
Barbie - bbq
Rego - car registration
Snag - sausage
Vego - a vegetarian
Veggie - vegetable
Bottle o - a bottle shop, off license
Ute - utility vehicle (pick up truck)
Short as long as hot as cold as
Avo - avocado
G'day - good day, hello
Swimmers - swimming costume
Sunnies - sunglasses
Servo - service/petrol station
Muso - musician or one who is passionate about music
Roo - kangaroo
Chook - chicken

Names - anything but calling you by your actual name is the go here. Some names you'd not think can be shortened, or should be shortened. But they will be. Or, if they are limited in syllables, then why not add a few? I haven't quite nailed down the actual rule, but I'm pretty sure you shorten if it's long and lengthen if it's too short.

Sair - Sarah
Law - Lauren
Sharon becomes Shazza
Ian becomes Ian-o
Tim becomes Timbo
Jane becomes Janey
Susan or Suzanne becomes Sooz
Steve becomes Steve-o or Stevie - again, just add a syllable. Anything goes!
Darren becomes Daz or Dazza
Adam becomes Adders or Add
Rebecca becomes Bec or Becs or Becster
Natalie becomes Nat or Natster

If your surname can be used, then all the better. e.g.:

Jacobs becomes Jake
Swift becomes Swifty
Griffiths become Griffo
Ford becomes Fordy
Gibbon becomes Gibbo, Gibbster
Jones - Jones-y

If in doubt, 'Mate' will do

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