What I wished people told me about Australian lifestyle

29 April, 2016
We're doing our regular weekly update of links and info on the SETTLEto website and always have a chortle at these quotes we gathered in our research and from previous clients.

Moving to Australia is not easy. This is what people who've lived here for a while wish they were told.

Here's a little extract of quotes from 'What I wish people told me about....Aussie Lifestyle":

 ”I didn't know that it would be damn hard to make friends and settle in”

 ”No-one really told me the culture was that different. That I'd have to really start from scratch”

“From mid-December to Australia Day everything is booked up. And if it's not, it's because the price has been inflated so much that nobody can afford it. “ 
”That however prepared you think you might be to deal with the spiders if you have the fear before it just exacerbates it!! “ 
”That an Aussie BBQ is truly amazing and not a patch on what we attempt in the UK and they like to BBQ their roast dinner rather than stick it in the oven! “
 ”That you really miss the countryside“
 ”I only had 5 minutes to view a place and decide if I wanted to live there“
 ”Taxi drivers would ask me which way to go”
 ”You can only park in the direction of traffic”
 ”How 'sporty' Australia was/is” 
 ”Life is about doing great things and not owning all the things, here in Melbourne. Which is nice (but shopping sucks as a result and apparently any pattern can match any other as an outfit choice if it is hot out) ” 
”How the beaches are amazing, but the shopping sucks (getting better though) ” 
”I'd never move back to Europe so bring a big container” 
”American influence is huge” 
”Enjoy John Lewis while you can” 
”How expensive everything is in Sydney, especially property” 
”How far behind Australia is with gender equality / Macho mentality” 
”No such thing as work/life balance - working hours are too long” 
”Guinness doesn't come close to the stuff back home” 
”That you can't get a decent pork pie here! There is no M&S ... Other than that it's perfect! ” 
”That the food was generally so much fresher, scrummier and healthier than the stodge in most UK eateries” 
”All POMs are whinging whether you are or not!! ” 
”Xmas on the beach is so cool. Santa drives a jet ski!! ” 
”How multi cultural Australia was/is” 
”They call trousers – pants” 
”I didn't realise how fab the wine was, as we get the Aussie dross in the UK” 
”Didn't realise how multi-cultural it actually was - and how much it impacts the younger generation - seeing young kids eat sushi with chopsticks would not happen in the UK”

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