5 things Australians love

Sharon Swift
3 March, 2016

Aussies are a fun and different bunch. When I moved to Australia from the UK, I expected that, bar a bit of bluntness... Read more

Aussie to English translations 3 of 3

25 November, 2015
Prezzy – present, gift
Pumpkin – squash of any kind
Rapt/stoked – happy, delighted
Rego – vehicle registration
Rental bond – security deposit... Read more

Aussie to English translations 2 of 3

26 October, 2015
Entrée – starter course
Exy – expensive
Flat white coffee – similar to a latte with less milk in ratio to coffee, with less foam
G’day – helloRead more

Aussie to English translations 1 of 3

14 October, 2015
AFL/footy – Australian Football League (aka Aussie rules)
Aniseed – fennel is sometimes known as aniseed
Anzac biscuit – oat and coconut biscuit, similar to a Hob... Read more