Our unique 6-step process is based on personal experience and working with other expats.
We help you with the logistical and emotional aspects of the move

ize up

It's important to think about whether moving to Australia is the right decision for you. We go through all of the considerations, including your needs and circumstances. Then, we help you work out what your life in Australia will look like, so you know exactly what to expect.


Relocating to Australia is a huge undertaking. Careful planning is important, and knowing what paperwork and tasks need doing is key to a smooth move. We help with everything that needs to be done to ensure the move and leaving the UK is something to look forward to

ake up residence

Once you've arrived in Australia, there's still a lot to do. We help you find and settle in to your new home - then you need to get into a routine and make sure that you achieve a sense of normality amongst the upheaval and adjustment period.

ackle the necessities

Your move to Australia means you need to start building a new identity here, and much of your history in the UK will not be recognised. We ensure you're registered with local authorities and set up other registrations necessary to be compliant in your new home

earn the ropes

Once the distraction of the move and home set up is over, the next step is to get to know the culture and how things work. Getting things done here can be very different - we coach you through the subtle differences and ensure you don't feel like an outsider

xplore and discover

Making new friends and getting stuck in to your new life is the final, step to making sure you are happy with your decision to move to Australia. So that you make the most of life here, we are on hand through the first few months to help you feel at home

The book

'So, you're moving to Australia? UK edition' is the complete resource for managing a move to Australia


Corporate services

Protect and maximise your relocation investment with our fully personalised services


Personal solutions

We manage the entire relocation for you, applying ou 6 step framework