How do I Move to Australia?


“How do I move to Australia?”

“What sort of paperwork do I need?”

“Will it be expensive?”

“How will I fit in to a new country?”

These are a few of the common questions people often ask when they begin pondering an international move. We can appreciate why. A move overseas can be a logistical and personal nightmare—if you don’t have the proper guidance and advice.

That’s where we come in. The Expat Concierge team has significant professional and personal experience helping people wondering how to move to Australia.

We understand the costs involved, the lifestyle changes, as well as the plethora of emotional and personal factors that are an unavoidable part of the expat experience, and it’s our passion to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.

We can help you settle in 6 steps, thanks to our proven six-point framework:

  • Size Up
  • Embark
  • Take Up Residence
  • Tackle the Necessities
  • Learn the Ropes
  • Explore and Discover

About The Expat Concierge

Founded by Sharon Swift, The Expat Concierge was created to fulfil Sharon’s personal passion and mission to help ensure expats are fully informed and prepared for a move from the UK to Australia.

The Expat Concierge Team manages the entire relocation for you. We are focused on ensuring you have the best possible service, knowledge and experience at every step of your transition.

The Expat Concierge Guarantee

We’re committed to ensuring that every client that engages with us has an incredibly positive service experience. To fulfil this, The Expat Concierge team makes the following guarantees to all our customers:

  • We will always be courteous, professional, and patient.
  • We will always welcome feedback.
  • We will always communicate promptly.

Still feeling intimidated about how to move to Australia? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! Contact us now, or use the navigation bar below to find the right Expat Concierge solution for you!