Migrating to Australia from UK



Need help migrating to Australia from the UK? The Expat Concierge team is here to help! We know the entire experience can be incredibly confusing and feel frustratingly daunting. Which is why we have an array of fantastic products, services and solutions for both personal and corporate clients.

We also highly recommend that you first read So, You’re Moving To Australia? UK Edition. Authored by Sharon Swift, this book has already helped a long list of happy clients successfully deal with the anxiety and confusion that can accompany migration to Australia from the UK.

Sharon’s breezy writing style and informed perspective summarizes the entire expat process into 6 essential steps:

  • Size Up - We go through all of the considerations, including your needs and circumstances.
  • Then, we help you work out what your life in Australia will look like, so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Embark - We help with everything that needs to be done to ensure the move and leaving the UK is something to look forward to.
  • Take Up Residence - We help you find and settle in to your new home.
  • Tackle the Necessities - We ensure you're registered with local authorities and set up other registrations necessary to be compliant in your new home.
  • Learn the Ropes - We coach you through the subtle differences and ensure you don't feel like an outsider.
  • Explore and Discover - We are on hand through the first few months to help you feel at home.

The Expat Concierge Guarantee

We make the following guarantees to all our clients to ensure that they receive the very best customer service experience:

  • The Expat Concierge team will always be friendly, enthusiastic, and informed.
  • The Expat Concierge team will always welcome constructive feedback.
  • The Expat Concierge team will strive to answer client communications as promptly as possible.

Don’t wait any longer! If you’re going to migrate to Australia from the UK Contact us now, or use the navigation bar below to find the right Expat Concierge solution for you!