Relocation to Australia


Considering relocating to Australia? Getting overwhelmed by all the planning and everything that needs to be done? The Expat Concierge is here to help!

By engaging The Expat Concierge team to guide you through the process, relocation to Australia won’t be a stress-inducing nightmare. In fact, with our help, you’ll get a methodical plan to help you settle in and begin enjoying your new lifestyle before you even know it!

We can help you settle in 6 simple steps:

  1. Size Up
  2. Embark
  3. Take Up Residence
  4. Tackle the Necessities
  5. Learn the Ropes
  6. Explore and Discover

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About The Expat Concierge

The Expat Concierge was created by Founder and CEO, Sharon Swift. After a lifetime spent travelling, Sharon developed a firsthand understanding of all the difficulties and obstacles that can arise after a person decides to move to another country.

These experiences combined to inspire the create of The Expat Concierge, a consultation service geared towards fulfilling Sharon’s mission-- to help ensure expats are fully informed and prepared for a move from the UK to Australia.

We manage the entire relocation process for all our clients. We are focused on ensuring you have the best possible service, knowledge and experience at every step of your transition.

The Expat Concierge Guarantee

We value positive customer service incredibly highly. To ensure this aim is fulfilled, and that all our clients only have the best possible Expat Concierge experience, we make the following guarantees:

  • Courtesy, professionalism, and patience will always be a priority.
  • Your feedback will never be ignored.
  • Any communication with us will be effortless and promptly responded to.

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